What Is A Per Diem Clinical Educator?

A per diem clinical educator is someone who works with a hospital, university, or another healthcare facility to provide a staffing option for healthcare providers that need assistance with their day-to-day medical care needs.

A per diem clinical educator is a full-time, salaried position in a clinical setting that provides continuing education and support to clinicians. They are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing per diem CE programs, as well as providing leadership and mentorship to new per diem educators.

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The ideal candidate for this position has a passion for providing quality CE programming and has experience working in a clinical setting. They also have knowledge of best practices for curriculum development, delivery, and management.

A per diem clinical educator is responsible for creating, delivering, and assessing learning experiences that improve patient care. They help develop the nursing workforce by providing clinical instruction in a variety of settings. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, per diem educators are expected to participate in research and develop new teaching methods.

A per diem clinical educator is a healthcare professional who provides shore-based continuing education for physicians and other healthcare professionals on topics relevant to their practice. A per diem clinical educator works with an organization that contracts with a medical center or another provider to provide CE services, such as preceptorship, residency training, and fellowship training.