Tips To Buy Bronze Statues

Bronze statues are a beautiful ornament to have in any household or garden. Their strength and durability means that they can resist the elements extremely well. When sitting in a mould, bronze will expand and display the extremely fine detail, much better than other rougher materials, such as stone. 

Statue makers are shaping history through sculpture. Ornaments and statues were often melted down to make weapons during periods of war. Despite the time between the ancient and modern times, the recipe for bronze hasn't changed much. 

When looking for a sculpture for sale, A good sized bronze statue might cost a little more. This isn't always a reflection of age. The process of creating these sculptures is extremely time consuming and demands huge amounts of skill. 

The shape of the sculpture is created using wood or clay and the centre is hollowed out. This is then filled with wax to increase the strength of the mould. After the wax hardens, the cast is then covered in a ceramic solution and then covered in sand. 

If you are buying a sculpture for sale from an individual artist or second hand, check the quality of each statue before you purchase. Look out for any cracks that may have formed as this can affect its value.