The Importance Of Taking Action And Getting Organised In Kenya

First, to fix the problem of not taking action, it is important to highlight what you are doing wrong. These are questions to ask yourself and find out if you can relate. Are you a person who sets goals but fails to achieve them? Are you able to plan your week, month, and day effectively?

You will feel happy if you can answer a few of the above questions. It's easy to just sit back and write down your goals, ambitions, to-do lists, what you want, and where you want it to take you. You can buy desk organiser set for these tasks.

Keep your papers close at hand. You can start by gathering papers at your desk. Each piece of paper should be inspected one by one. You need to place every item, even those tiny sticky notes.

Don't re-pile: You don't need to re-pile the clutter on your desk. It is because you have delayed making decisions. You can't just pile up papers and make it worse. It will only prolong the delay. 

You must plan for the incoming: Do you let papers pile up on your desk randomly? You need a system to deal with the inflow. You need to plan for the incoming mail, regardless of whether it is an inbox or mail sorting system. To keep your paper piles organized, you can use a stackable letter tray.

Clear your mental desk: To be able to take action effectively, you need a clean mental desk. Think about if your desk is messy at work or home. You'll probably clean your desk before you can think about your work or the tasks you need to complete. The same goes for your mind.