What Is The Need Of Statutory Declaration Lawyer

Anyone who wishes to be known under an alternative name, be it the new forename, surname or simply an alternative name is entitled to the right to change their name. There is no legal procedure that has to be followed in order to change the name of a person. Simply change your name and cease using your old name. Changes to your name can be anytime, but not for any kind of deceit.

You might not be able to alter your name on birth certificates because it is only permitted in certain situations.If you have made the decision that you want to alter your personal name it is recommended that you make use of that new address for all purposes, including legal action and obtaining the necessary driving licence or passport.

You can also hire statutory declaration solicitors in UK to certify documents.A Statutory declaration is a legal document which demonstrates your intention to cease using your previous name and take on a new one.

statutory declaration solicitor

It is accepted as proof of the change in your name for the majority of purposes, however it is not valid for applications to passports.

You may make an official declaration to an Oath Commissioner or an attorney.A child’s name may be changed the same way as long as those who have parental responsibility, typically grandparents or the parents of the child, are in agreement to the change. 

Children under the age of 16 are not required to agree to the change of name, but can protest it by filing a court petition to request that his or her name not be changed. To be able to prevail in this type of case, to succeed, the child in question must demonstrate an understanding of the issue.

The proof required to meet the requirements of a specific purpose may differ depending on the reason to which it is required.