What Are The Applications For Human Design?

Human design is the theory that humans are designed, or purposefully created, in accordance with a divine plan. Proponents of human design argue that it provides a logical explanation for certain features of human beings, such as our intelligence and capacity for moral choice. 

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The theory states that some things were intentionally created by an intelligent being, and this could be anything from a simple rock to a complex society. The idea behind human design is that it is impossible for something to exist without having been designed, and this applies to both the natural world and humanity itself.

There are many proponents of human design, and they believe that it is a valid theory that can be used to explain a wide range of phenomena. Some people believe that human design is responsible for the existence of life, while others think that it is responsible for the diversity of life on Earth. 

Some people believe that human design extends beyond just the creation of complex societies and artifacts. They believe that it also includes the concepts of free will and intentionality. They argue that these concepts cannot be explained by chance or coincidence, and they believe that they can be explained by the concept of human design.