Tips For Dealing With Skeptical Prospects

Has your business ever needed to deal with skeptical prospects? Even if you have only been in business for a short amount of time, you most likely have encountered this common problem. You might have the best service or product for solving a prospective customer’s problem. However, the customer might still be unsure and be very skeptical about whether or not they should purchase from you. That can have a significant negative impact on your sales and leads, so it is very important to know how to deal with this issue. Now we will look at three different ways to deal with these types of prospects so you can flip the switch and convert them into paying customers for your business.

Change The Script

One common question that many skeptical prospects might ask you is, "why should I conduct business with you?" They will expect you to attempt to convince them by providing them with details about your company, services, and products that would persuade them to purchase from you. However, rather than doing what they are expecting and attempting to convince them, what you should do instead is change the script around and asking, "I don't know. Maybe you shouldn't." Then just give them time to respond. That will be completely unexpected because they were expecting you to try to persuade them. Your skeptical prospect will be shocked by this since it is the exact opposite of what they were expecting you to do. Therefore, they will likely provide you with a reason why your services or products would meet their needs and that can result in you being able to close the sale with them.

Share Examples & Stories From Your Past Customers

Another common statement that skeptical prospects might say is, I'm not sure if your service or product will actually work for me." In these types of situations, a good solution would be sharing an example of other customers that are similar to the skeptical prospect where your service or product will work very well for them. Use as many analogies and stories that you need to help alleviate your prospect's concerns.

Insist That The Prospect Conduct Their Own Research

Finally, the last bonus tip for you is if the prospect is unsure still and needs to think about it some more and do research, agree with them, and insist that they conduct their own research. It is a very good idea to tell them that you will not allow them to join or buy ow so they can do their research first.

After agreeing on this, you of course will want to make sure to get back in contact with the prospect or get a call scheduled for a later time. Like our first tip, your skeptical prospects will be completely surprised by this since they aren't expecting this kind of behavior from a seller. They are expecting that you will do everything you can to get the sale and try to convince them to purchase from you as soon as possible. By questioning your prospect and being insistent that they conduct their research, ha completely changes the whole situation. You will soon receive messages and calls from those same skeptical prospects who are ready to get started and buy from you.

After you have applied the three tips above to skeptical prospects, it can definitely help you with closing more sales, increasing your conversion rates, and increasing your return on ad spends. That will let you get more customers for whatever kind of business you operate.

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