Put Instagram GIFs In your Instagram Stories

Instagram GIFs are the fun, and the best way to add customer engagement to your Instagram Stories. Also, Instagram is the top social media platform to add visual content, increase followers, and increase brand awareness. GIFs are more than just popular, looping video clips — they are a language of their own. 

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Using Instagram GIFs Stickers can help you:

  • Instagram GIFs help to add personality to your Instagram Stories.
  • Helps to stay relevant in the digital world.
  • Instagram GIFs help you to boost your engagement on Instagram.
  • It Saves a lot of time and effort coming up with creative graphics.
  • Helps in building a loyal following.

Adding Instagram GIFs to your Instagram Story is extremely easy!

  • After adding a photo or video to your Instagram Stories, you will see an option on the top right corner of Instagram. This opens up a menu with a bunch of options such as Hashtags, Location, Poll. This is where you can now see a new GIF option as well.
  • Once you tap on that option, you will get thousands of options and get a library full of hundreds of thousands of moving stickers powered by GIPHY.
  • Once you have selected the perfect GIF, you can then pinch it to resize it and drag it to adjust its placement..