Gas Masks and Various Types

The gas mask includes all fully assembled air purifier masks designed to be used as respiratory protection while entering the atmosphere that is not immediately dangerous to life or health or escape only from hazardous atmospheres containing adequate oxygen to support life.

(1) Front-mounted or back-mounted gas mask.

A gas mask which consists of a full face piece, a breathing tube, a canister at the front or back, a canister harness, and associated connections.

(2) Chin style gas mask.

A gas mask consisting of full facepiece, tubes that are usually attached to facepiece, and related connections.

(3) Escape gas mask.

A gas mask designed for use while escaping only from a dangerous atmosphere consisting of facepiece or funnel, tubes, and related connections. There are various other gas masks available on the market. You can also buy nato gas mask via

The gas mask will be explained further according to the type of gas or steam to provide respiratory protection, as follows:

Approval may be for acid gases or organic vapors as a class or for specific acid gases or organic vapors. Not for use against gases or vapors with poor warning properties, or those which generate high heats or reaction with sorbent materials in the canister.

Use of the gas mask may be limited by factors such as lower explosive limit, toxicological effects, and facepiece fit. Limitations on gas mask service life and sorbent capacity limitations shall be specified by the applicant in instructions for selection, use and maintenance of the gas mask. Eye protection may be required in certain concentrations of gases and vapors.