5 Types Of Waxing Services In Hong Kong

Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal that removes hair from the roots and prevents hair growth depending on the person. Almost all parts of the body can be removed. Places like face, chest, eyebrows, arms, bikini area, and armpits to name a few. 

Waxing in Hong Kong is becoming more and more popular among people and many have a strong desire to remove unwanted body hair. To know more about waxing services in Hong Kong click over here.

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1. Eyebrow hair removal

Eyebrow hair removal is usually done in a salon, not at home, as it is a little tricky due to its proximity. The wax is applied to the area around the eyes and allowed to cool. The ribbon is then pulled out to remove unwanted hair.

2. Hair removal on the legs

Leg hair removal is more effective than shaving because it allows the feet to be hairless for a longer period of time. The removal of leg hair pulls the hair from the roots and allows the fine hair to grow back, not the thick black like shaving.

3. Car with cheeks

Cheek plucking is usually done by men who tend to have thick moustaches. With cheek hair removal, men no longer have to keep shaving their moustaches.

4. Bikini wax mask

Women choose a bikini wax mask so they can wear a bikini without showing their bikini line. This will also allow them to wear more revealing underwear. The hairless bikini area is also much more hygienic and easier to care for.

5. Chest hair removal

Breast shaving removes unwanted chest hair quickly and with less pain and allows men to get the confidence they need. The pure wax chest boosts a man's confidence and allows him to show off his six-packs.