Your Printer Fails due to these Reasons

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There are plenty of reasons as to why your printer will fail. For instance; your printer will print even of you don’t require the item. Moreover, error messages will pop-up while dropping the quality of the print. During such instances, calling a professional may be the only option but there have been instances where the professional technician isn’t available to reach out to your problems. Here are a few reasons as to why your printer fails but can try to fix these problems.

  1. Paper that Jams – One of the most common reasons behind the failure of printer is when the paper gets jammed. Calm yourself down if you see then and instead turn the printer off to avoid additional damage. Once the system is off, get rid of the paper slowly with gentle hands. 
  2. Paper that Feeds – Apart from paper jamming, failure of paper feeding is another popular reason as to why printer fails. Again, calm yourself down and switch off the printer. Next would be take a few sheets of paper and carefully place them in their position. Turn on the printer and check for additional abnormal sound.
  3. Cartridge that doesn’t Detect – Failure to detect cartridge happens due to 2 reasons namely. First would be the chip required to read the cartridge is absent. If the chip is absent or even broken, then call the company you had purchased the printer from. However, if the chip is present then consider cleaning the cartridge and then put it back to see if it works again.

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