Wooden Pallets For Export

The latest bark restrictions that countries around the world have or are in various stages. Your wood packing material – boxes, pallets, the basement should not be 100% bark-free – a limit on the amount of bark per component (this is important – not for the entire installation; it refers to the amount of bark each component allows / particular part) is described by two statements:

1) Less than 3 cm wide (yes, that's an indicator of 1.18 inches wide), regardless of length – so you can have a piece of wood on a box or pallet that's 120 feet long and a piece of bark that is up to 1.18 wide inches and does not run the entire length of the component. You are on the ISPM standard. You can also search online to look for reliable export-friendly pallets Sydney-wide.

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2) If the bark of your components (again per piece/component – not the entire box or pallet or total) is greater than 3 cm (1.18 inches), the total surface area of one log must be less than 50 square centimeters ( again the metric system – 7.75 square inches) or roughly the size of a credit card.

To calculate the area of the bark, just multiply the length by the width and you will get square centimeters (area).

There are tools provided by various organizations in the record-keeping and inspection industry that can perform this simple task for people in your organization who work with your organization's pallets, boxes, or basements for export. You can find this by searching the internet for "bark measuring instruments".