Why Buying Refillable Pods Instead of Close Pods?

Vaping techniques are evolving every day. The changes affect electronic juice, accessories, and especially devices. There are various types of mods and pods on the market. Even the pods are divided into two parts: reusable pod and disposable pod. 

Vapers looking for high nicotine levels often choose the pods because they use salty juice. You can also buy the STLTH compatible pods for the best vaping experience.

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However, there is confusion about which pod type to choose. Most professional vapers choose the reusable option. The points mentioned below gives the reason behind choosing the refillable pod over the other:

Enjoy a variety of vape juices

There is no liquid for the refill option that you can't try. Vape juice companies are increasingly producing a variety of new flavors. With a closed pod system, it's impossible to try all of these flavors. So it is best to choose a refill pod.

It saves money

Vaping can be expensive if you have to buy disposable containers frequently. The disposable pods are suitable for new vapers as they are not sure which one is suitable for them or not. Buying a disposable pod can be too expensive for regular vapers. 

However, after buying refill pods you don't need to change pods. The only thing you need to buy is electronic juice. This can save you a lot of money. In addition, when you feel the fluid change, you can easily switch.

Enjoy a personalized vape

Most open pod systems are very advanced. This way, vapers can enjoy a very personal vaping experience. The open pod system has advanced temperature control capabilities. This allows the steamer to control coil heat. 

So if you are new to vaping try to choose an open pod system because it is reusable and has many benefits.