Virgin Coconut Oil: Naturally Healthy and Safe Oil That Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Coconut trees are found most often in tropical countries, especially on the Asian continents. The Philippines is the largest exporter of coconut. Because of its many uses, the tree is known as the "Tree of Life". Apart from its wood, coconut is one of the most important sources of many oils that can be used for both commercial and medical purposes. 

Virgin Coconut oil can be made from fresh coconuts in a variety of ways, including fractioned oil or hydrogenated oil. Coconut oil has been recognized as being the most natural, safe, and healthy oil to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Numerous studies have shown that virgin coconut oil contains Lauric acid, a vital fatty acid that converts to Monolaurin once it is inside the body. Monolaurin protects our bodies from viruses and bacteria by blocking the spread of viral pathogens. Virgin Coconut Oil is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some great benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

  • VCO has a high level of Medium Chain Fatty Acid, which helps to increase metabolism and improve digestion. It prevents constipation by maintaining a healthy digestive function.

  • Increases the body's immune system – Virgin coconut oil contains approximately 62% Medium Chain Triglycerides. This is an essential fatty acid for maintaining and building a strong immune system.

  • Reduces abdominal fats- VCO is a fat-burning agent that doesn't turn into fat when it's taken. It is, however, a very effective fat-burning ingredient that is also very healthy and natural in losing weight.

  • VCO helps maintain healthy hair, skin, and scalp.