Using An Interpreter For A Presentation In Shanghai

If this is your first time giving a presentation with an Interpreter, here are some suggestions on how to make your event a success. You as a speaker must be prepared in advance.

Assist the translator by providing initial copies of your speech, including PowerPoint presentations, written speeches, and voice notes. If you can't provide it beforehand, at least provide an outline. Good translators in Shanghai translate material before the preparatory event.

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Discuss the speech with your translator and explain surprises such as technical terms, formulas, or numbers. If you can, provide written copies of technical terms, formulas, or numbers that the translator will refer to during your presentation.

When speaking, position yourself so that the interpreter can see you, but make sure you are facing the audience. You need to stay in touch with the audience while the translator can see your expressions and gestures.

Make sure you speak loud and clear. Speak at medium speed and give the translator time to adjust to your accent. A good speed is 80 words per minute (about 8-10 typed lines).

Using a translator during a presentation can be an interesting and challenging event. As long as you are ready and hiring a qualified translator, you will be successful.

The complete translation and interpreting service in your city is a great resource for all your multilingual needs. It can be interpreted in many languages by experienced translators.