Tips for Repairing Foundation Cracks

Every homeowner sometimes finds cracks in their basement floors and walls. They look pretty plain, a little ugly, but they can cause serious damage to your home. 

You can look for cracked or leaky basement wall repairs for foundation fixing in Wisconsin as a small tear can leak enough water to cause a big fungal problem. Even worse, they can grow and become much more difficult to repair. Here are some tips on how to do it right.

1. Follow the directions for the product you buy carefully. Sometimes you have to do the mixing yourself. In both cases, there will be detailed instructions on how to use them and must be followed exactly.

2. Always be protected. Wear safety gloves, glasses, and a mask. Do not handle highly toxic substances or the like, but you should not allow particles or chemicals to get into your eyes or lungs. It is always a good idea to do homework to protect yourself.

3. Before sealing, remove any dirt or grime from the area you will be working on. There may be debris or dirt around the crack that needs cleaning. Wire brushes are great for scraping areas and removing tiny particles of dirt and dust from there.

4. Keep the area dry while you work. If there is moisture, wait for it to dry. It's a challenge because most of us choose to solve our foundation problems after heavy rain when there's standing water in the basement but waiting for the water to leave.