How To Enhance The Brain Capacity

Brain advancement and brain capacity augmentation  are interlinked.  It's an established fact that a typical human being just uses 2 percent of their mind. 

The simple principle of enhancing the ability of the complicated and most effective portion of the human body would be to drill it to the fullest. You can also use The Raikov effect for skills training .

Left and right 

Understanding how to utilize both the left and right parts of your mind is your key behind brain power improvement.  While the ideal brain is responsible for our emotions, instinct, imagination, and mind, the left brain manages reasoning, analytical ideas, usage of speech and everything we knowingly do.  

Usage of flash cards and other innovative approaches can allow you to recall things in greater ways.  Additionally, the procedure may also exploit your imagination.


Before you do anything, create a mental picture of this activity.  This can make it much easier for you to achieve the job.  In reality, this is a fantastic way to allow your right and left brain function together.

Reading Distinct Topics

This is a great method to utilize all of the faculties of your mind. This specific exercise can bring variety to your studying habits while utilizing both creative and reasoning facets of your mind.


There are particular games that test your mind's capability and are helpful for Brain Coaching . Puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku and scrabbles are great for sharpening your cells. Thus, don't allow your brain tissues to sit idle.