All You Need to Know About Marble Countertops in Austin

Dazzled by the elegance and sleek sophistication of the marble slabs you see on the glossy pages of architecture and home design magazines as well as on social media sites like Pinterest and Google+, you've decided on some marble slabs tailored to your own needs of space.

However, don't let marble's brilliant appeal dazzle you with the fact that marble as a table isn't for everyone. If you have kids big enough to cook their own meals on the kitchen table, forget about the elegance and elegant beauty of marble countertops.

If you have time to inspect your countertop every day, try to spot scratches and dents before they become too obvious for repair on the surface. Go ahead and make the kitchen of your dreams come true.

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marble kitchen countertops

Marble is known to be softer and more porous than granite and other natural stones. It is prone to tarnishing and acid etching from acidic drinks and foods. Marble is easy to scratch, cut, cut, and dent even with sloppy work. Therefore, if you install a special table in the kitchen, you need to be more careful.

Scratches can be minimized by exposing your marble slabs to the sanded finish. When you hire a custom manufacturer to create your custom table, listen carefully as they give you some guidance and background on how to maintain the timeless elegance of marble on your table.

Here are some of the most common tips for maintaining custom countertops, especially marble. This tip can also serve as an indication of the potential inconveniences that may arise with marble kitchen countertops in the future.

  • Maintain the natural charm of your marble slabs by following these tips.
  • Place coasters under all cups, glasses, and mugs, and note used with orange juice and alcohol.
  • The use of a heat pad or blanket is recommended for marble countertops, although many stones are expected to retain heat.