Male Rhinoplasty in Toronto: What Happens Before and After?

Men are increasingly turning to rhinoplasty in Toronto for improving their facial appearance. Male rhinoplasty patients request to reduce their nose size because a large nose can dominate the face and distract from other facial features. 

Other men undergo rhinoplasty to improve their nose contours. This includes reducing droopiness and the size of the dorsal hump at the middle of the nose. The procedure for men is the same as for women. If you are looking for a reliable rhinoplasty specialist in Toronto contact Dr. Cory Torgerson online. 

Rhinoplasty in Toronto is more than just about making the nose smaller. The surgeon must take into account the facial features of each male patient when performing rhinoplasty. This will ensure that the nose is balanced with the rest.

The surgeon will explain to the patient the possible risks and complications, including infection, complications with anesthesia, and excessive bleeding. To minimize possible complications, the surgeon in Toronto will provide details on how the surgeon and patient can collaborate.

After the surgeon in Toronto has determined that the patient is healthy enough to undergo surgery and that they are comfortable with the proposed nose shape and size for the procedure, the surgeon will schedule it at an outpatient facility. 

Male rhinoplasty patients usually experience very little to no pain. They should be able to Aboutresume their normal activities within a few days if they are given the right care. After three weeks, swelling should subside.