Understanding Lawn Care Aerating In Vancouver

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't know the basics of lawn care. They believe that just watering their grass and plants is enough to make their lawn healthy. They don't understand lawn care aerating. Anyone who wants a healthy and beautiful lawn needs to be familiar with the terms. These terms will allow them to know the steps they should take if their lawn is in trouble. 

Many landscaping companies provide top-notch yard care services. If your lawn is experiencing drainage problems, hard soil, or bare patches, you will need to aerate it. If you notice these conditions in your yard, it's time to aerate it. It is similar to punching holes in your lawn when you are aerating your lawn. 

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This is because it loosens the soil, allowing water, fertilizer and air to reach the roots of the lawn. Aerating your lawn also removes some roots. This is done to remove roots that are entangled with each other so that new root growth may be encouraged. It is not necessary to aerate your lawn as often as it needs to. 

If your lawn is subject to heavy foot traffic or your soil has become compacted and dense, you should aerate it every year. This is best done in spring so it can be done along with other lawn care projects. Once you've decided to start lawn care aerating you need to make sure you choose the right tools. There are many tools you can use to accomplish this. 

Each tool has a level of effectiveness. You can make the process easier by purchasing spiked sandals, which you can attach to your shoes. You will be making holes in your lawn by using them. You can also use spiked rollers to poke holes in your lawn.