Everything You Need To Know For Your Rubber Tree Plant Care

The burgundy rubber plant is a variety of Ficus elastica. It is most famous for its huge, glossy leaves. They can extend up to 10 inches in length and 5 inches wide. When they are grown outdoors, the trees can grow to highs of up to 100 feet. In the indoor space, they typically reach about 6-8 feet.

It is also a popular choice for landscaping. Burgundy Rubber trees can also be found throughout the world. You can order burgundy rubber tree  through various online sites to add colors to your boring office.

burgundy rubber tree

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The Burgundy Rubber Tree will do and look best under indirect lighting. The ideal spot is in the front of a window that is covered with a sheer curtain. You can also put your plant in an unheated north-facing window.

It is crucial to allow this genus plenty of sunlight to ensure that its stunning foliage remains big and vivid in color. In the event that your Rubber Tree isn't receiving enough sunlight, it will become visible. 


It is important to use a light hand when watering your Ficus elastica because they can be sensitive to excessive water on their ground.

It is easy to tell the signs that your plant is in need of water when its leaves turn limp and appear less vibrant than normal. If your leaves appear less limp than normal and then begin to point downwards it's a sign that it's time to water.