Stock Screener Tools – A Lazy Person’s Solution to Beating the Stocks

Are you lazy? I am sure most people are – which is why laziness is a barrier that obstructs us from being financially free. But sadly, most of the people who are wealthy are very lazy.

Let me put to you an example when your boss requires an additional piece of work to be urgently done, you will have to dedicate effort and time to complete it. I am highlighting that he wants good consequences, he gets you to do it on his behalf.

This applies to the stock market as well. In the raging battles of the stock exchange every day, there are people who are earning money. There are a number of stock screener tools available on the internet. You can also check for the best stock scanner tool at

Which will build your stocks portfolio and make it insanely profitable for yourself. But, you still have to do some work. You cannot be totally lazy if you desire wealth accumulation.

The stock screener tools eliminate a hefty load of stock research. It is too much of a hassle to go into details of a company, harness the correct price-earnings ratio, debt ratio and understand financial statements. 

Dependable stock screener tools are built by people who have relevant experience in the market. They are absolutely not traders who speculate on groundlessly. They build their portfolio with trading skills and multifaceted formulas.