All About The Different Types Of Stone Flooring

Natural stone floors grow rapidly more popular because people are starting to discover their versatility and their beautiful quality of terraces they can bring into a room.

However, many people do not realize only when they look like it would be so simple to clean that tiles, they do not realize that every type of different stone may require different care. You can check here various flooring options.

With each type of stone, you will find a different list of care instructions to keep it wonderful over the years, half of the battle is aware of what your specific floor must stay strong and beautiful.

* The travertine stone is a crystal limestone known for its incredibly unique appearance and is largely composed of calcium carbonate. Because of its composition, travertine is sensitive to burning and light abrasion.

* Marble floor coverings have been used for centuries and have called many things, modern marble floor is composed of calcite crystals or known dolomite for its dazzling appearance. It's like Travertine and is subject to the light of abrasion and engraving.

* The slate is an available stone in an endless range of colors and cuts; A shale derivative, this crystalline rock does not very easily show wear. However, he has a weakness in the abrasion of light.

* Cantera is a beautiful stone formed of volcanic ashes and available in a myriad of colors. Sealing is a key element to keep this beautiful stone for years and years to come.

* Sandstone sandstone is a variable stone comprising many different elements, which explains the color range between red and brown, although it tends to be a little dull. For this to be more attractive and easier to treat, seal these tiles are usually required.