Your Complete Guide To Puppy Potty Training

The younger puppies are, the more frequently they have to relieve themselves. Housetraining takes work, but a little training trouble now will save you a lot of cleaning trouble later. Get your puppy on track with their toilet behavior ASAP by using these puppy-breaking guidelines.

Be a cheerleader for your pup

To know where to go to the bathroom, your dog needs your feedback. When your puppy goes to the right place, cheerfully celebrate what he did right and offer him a delicious treat. For dog poop, you can also buy dog waste bags in bulk & dog pooper scooper with bag attached online.

Confirmation and reward should come immediately upon completion. If you wait until you are back home to celebrate and give gifts, your puppy will not understand why he is praising him.

Use box or enclosure

When you're training your puppy, you'll need a place to house him in case you get out of the way of an accident. This storage space should be comfortable, with plush bedding, water and toys, and an easy-to-clean floor or pan in the event of an accident. Improve your game by using squares for a short time.

Avoid punishment

This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but when you see a wet patch or pile on the floor, the most unproductive thing you can do is punish your puppy. When they discovered the accident, a few minutes later they themselves had forgotten what they had done.

Put your pup on a potty schedule

Dogs have a high sense of time. If you have a schedule for going out every few hours (and more often if your pup is very small or very small), once he starts following the rules, he'll understand that waiting until his next break means he's being praised and appreciated to do his business.