What Do You Need To Know About LED Lighting Systems In Australia?

LEDs have proven their value in many outdoor lighting applications. With the advent of technology, lighting systems with multicolor LED lights have been placed in numerous art centers throughout Australia.

RGB LED lighting has its roots in the entertainment and performing industries, so it's only natural that a music hall would use it to communicate its identity at night.  You can learn more about RGB LED lights for facade lighting and outdoor lighting systems.

led color changing lights

The benefits of LED-based tunnel lighting are:

  • Color Transfer:

Museums and galleries often display great works of art and historical artifacts and clothing, as well as descriptions of reading objects. Using LEDs in this space allows you to see colors of paint, paintings, artifacts, and more correctly and precisely. 

  • No UV:

When expensive art and priceless artifacts become endangered, it can mean a loss of preservation or value. LED lighting doesn't emit UV light, which means anything underneath won't fade from the light. 

  • Life Expectancy:

Install LEDs to avoid closing popular exhibits due to exploding bulbs. Their service life of more than 50,000 hours saves maintenance staff time and money for your company!

  • Energy Saving:

Museums and galleries require much more direct and designed lighting than regular lighting fixtures. With LEDs, you can install the same number of bulbs and pay only part of your energy bill. 

Many parts of Australia consider LEDs to be the best source of lighting for art galleries because of their superior long-term economics and enhanced utility.