How To Choose The Perfect Wall Decor For Your Home In Israel?

Adding art and decor to your walls is a quick way to express your unique style, and it’s easy to update no matter how often your taste changes. Whether you hang paintings, mirrors, dimensional decor, or decorative shelves, your walls are the canvas for your creativity.

Choosing the right style and size of artwork and understanding how to arrange it can seem daunting, but with a few simple tips (and yes, a little math) you can get it done. Nowadays, Jewish art is also very popular in Isreal. To know more about Jewish art, you can also check out this site. We've put together this guide to help you turn those blank walls into masterpieces.

Painting versus print

Paintings are works of art that are made by hand, usually by applying oil or acrylic paint to a board or canvas with an artist's brush. Paintings can be of any theme and in any style – from traditional to contemporary, such as colorful abstract acrylics on canvas.

Prints are accurate representations or copies of original artwork and range in price from cheap posters on paper to expensive limited edition prints signed and numbered by the artist. Beautiful prints on canvas provide an affordable entry point for art lovers on a budget.

Choose your artistic style

Whether you take inspiration from traditional landscapes, bold abstractions, or retro travel posters, there are art prints available to express your style.

Choose pieces that match your existing décor or add them to your room to complement the art. If art is paramount, you can tie it to the rest of the room by pulling paint from the pieces to repeat on wall paint, rugs, decorative accessories, or pillows and blankets.