How to Purchase the Right CNC Router

As technology progresses, companies that rely on technology to produce their products are presented with new options for streamlining production. In the woodworking industry, one example of how technology has enhanced production can be seen in the invention of the CNC router. Unlike traditional manual routers, CNC routers are computerized to have an increased range of cutting options. For most woodworkers, the great advantage of routers is their ability to cut intricately and replicate intricate pieces in a short period of time. 

A router is a great investment for any woodworker who works with multiple pieces. Routers can be made for different production levels so it is important to establish criteria before you purchase the router. These four steps will assist you in selecting the right router for your needs, whether you are starting your own business or upgrading your production line.

First, you need to determine your routing requirements before purchasing a router. A vacuum system is a good option if you plan to work with light wood stock. This keeps the wood in place while the router cuts it. If you are working with heavy wood stock, you don't need to spend extra on a vacuum system. You might instead opt for a manual holding device. Routers can be compared to automobiles in that the more options you have, the more expensive they will be.