Some Tips to Plan a School Disco

School discos are a great way to celebrate the end of term, and make memories. Children will enjoy dancing with their friends and congratulating them on their amazing SATs scores. 

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Some tips to plan your school disco:

– Timing is everything

The time that you hold your disco will depend on the age of the participants. A disco in the evening is best for year 6 leavers. You might also consider finishing it earlier than usual to make it special. 

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– Volunteers

You should ensure that you have enough volunteers to help at your school's disco. Volunteers will be needed to assist with the setup, maintenance, and supervision of the hall. 

– Preparing your venue

School discos are great because you can use your school hall as a venue! Make sure that your hall is dark enough to make the most of your disco. Many school halls come with curtains that can be used to block the light.

– Choose a theme

Although it is not necessary to choose a theme for the school disco, children will enjoy just getting out their glad-rags and having fun with their friends. A theme adds an extra special touch to any party. 

– Drink and Food

Refreshments are a great idea for school discos. Dancing is hard work! The food you offer will determine the timing of your disco. Simple snacks such as crisps and sweets are easy to arrange.