Rechargeable LED Torch Flashlight Portable with A Magnetic Charging Dock

A top-quality torch that has an easy magnetic dock to charge:

This Rechargeable LED Torch Flashlight Portable with a Magnetic Charging Dock, comes packed with a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery rated to 2600mAh, a charging base, and a micro USB cable that's about 51cm in length – detailed instructions are supplied including run time with various battery cells.

rechargeable 18650 battery

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It's slightly shorter than the Striker (12.2cm long diameter is 2.3cm) and has a single silicone covered power button which is also used to cycle through the 5 power levels and flashing mode.

The modes are chosen by the combination of holding and pressing the power button to select the lower, middle, and high settings. The lowest setting "moonlight" can be activated by one second of pressing when the light is off. Then, it is turbo with double click and three presses to activate a strobe that flashes. If the battery level is low, this button will turn red when the power is activated.

The output and runtime of the 18650 cells supplied is specified as follows:

Mode 1 (turbo) 900 lumens max run time 90 minutes

Mode 2 (high) 400 lumens, run time 130 minutes

Mode 3 (medium) 80 lumens, running time 9 hours

Mode 4 (low) 20 lumens, time to run 53 hours

Mode 5 (moonlight) 1 lumen, with the run for 38 consecutive days