Popular Types of Roofing Materials

Every homeowner dreams of high-quality roofing material. Every home needs a roof that is strong, reliable, durable and inexpensive. Times have changed, as have the methods of building houses that have stood the test of time and will last a lifetime. Just as a house needs to be built with care and precision, a roof also needs to be built with the same attention to detail and precision. Using the best roofing materials from the right roofing supply store can extend the life of your roof without spending a long time changing anything while it looks good. 

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Most people know that almost 90% of all roofs in the western world are built with the help of asphalt tiles and that is because they are affordable, durable and relatively easy to build on roofs. While they are probably the most popular type of roofing material in the world, they are certainly not the only one.

The most popular and common types of roofing materials that you can find in the market are:

• Straw shaping – This method is made from tightly woven plant stems in overlapping layers. Available in wheat straw, seaweed and rye straw.

• Shingles – This is a general term for roofing materials that overlap sections. Shingles comes in a variety of materials and the most popular are: asphalt, asbestos, hardwood, red cedar, and concrete.

• Membrane roofing – this is done with materials such as plastic, rubber, bitumen, polyester and fiberglass. These materials are usually available in large panels and installed by joining the corners, which in turn creates a large continuous surface.

Quality roofing material is a good investment, but keep in mind that asphalt is only 20 years old and with the American moving average every 7-8 years, it may not be worth it and you may not get your money's worth. back when you sold your home.