Myths And Facts About Car Rust Proofing

Rust prevention is one of those things you hear often, but you may not have all the facts. Below are some common myths and truths about what rust prevention does and whether you should use it.

Myth #1: Cars must be rust proof before rust occurs

If you lose parts of your car to rust, you can use rust resistance to slow down the process. Plus, you can help protect what's left. You can also get more information on our services by searching the web.

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Myth #2: rust protection after the onset of winter does not rust

While that may stop you, there's no telling that you can't protect yourself from rust in winter. The real culprits in rust resistance tests are salt, dirt, and debris. As long as your car is cleaned properly, you should be fine.

Myth #3: Rust resistance is needed every year

Rust resistance is something that, if done properly, can last for years. The high-quality rust protection will last up to ten years and make you feel safe in all weather conditions.

Myth #4: Rust is irreparable

Rusting is a chemical process that can be stopped at the right time. The new rust spots can be sanded and repaired so it's not a problem. Considering now, if rust is forming and growing, there isn't much that can be done. However, if caught early, the car can be repaired and rust can be repaired.