Looking For The Best Carpet Cleaning Service Techniques

When it comes to a carpet cleaning service, you should carefully examine the different methods available and choose what is right for your home. While you can do your part with quick stain treatments and regular vacuuming, a deep cleaning treatment is a good idea to keep your floors fresh and looking like new. You can also get the best rug cleaning services in Perth via https://www.pridecarpetcleaning.com.au/service/rug-cleaning-perth/

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Consider these common methods that may be used by a carpet cleaning service:

Hot Water

This method may also be known as steam cleaning. A machine sprays a hot detergent solution onto the surface and then vacuums it out immediately. A professional company will be very careful about how much water is applied. If too much is used, the underlying padding could get soaked. 

Dry or Foam Extraction

The dry extraction method uses a powdered detergent. It is brushed into the material with special machines that agitate it into the fibers. Dirt and dust in the fabric bond to the dry chemicals, which can then be removed by vacuuming. Many times, a special spray is used to pre-treat stains before applying the dry chemicals. 

Foam extraction is similar to using hot water. An air compressor creates a dry foam, which is then applied to the fabric. A rotating, cylindrical brush combs the foam through the fibers. Once the dirt and dust have bonded to the foam, it is vacuumed out while still wet. It is important to thoroughly vacuum the surface before and after this technique is used, in order to ensure the most dirt is removed. This is another method that may take longer to dry.