Leading Causes of Tyre Damage

Generally, tyre damage is caused by tiny errors of users. Always keeping the right inflated pressure with proper heat within the tyre is essential to prolong your tyre's life. This article elaborates on the leading causes of tyre damage. Let us find more details here.


"Camber wear" occurs from the tyre misalignment. It means extreme tyre wear occurred in the external area. This is an apparent type of damage than other damages.

To solve the misalignment, the alignment of the wheel should be done. If not so, this misalignment will keep on damaging your new tyres also. You can also choose Cartek Tyre And Auto & contact Mechanic In Roselands.

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High-speed driving

Speed limits are necessitated to avoid such rash driving across the world. Besides safety, driving at peak speed will gradually affect your tyres. It causes build-up heat hugely and leads to quick air loss.

When sudden air loss occurs, you cannot be able to control your car and finally, it ends up with an accident. If you come to know any damages, replace it instantly with the help of a mechanic.

Under Or Overinflation

Over-inflated tyres induce a problem called "Centre wear". Since it occurs in the central area of the tyre, it is not easy to see it. But, when you look beneath the car's rim area you can notice a plane strip beside the circumference area has worn off.

In the under-inflated tyres "Shoulder wear" is common and the tyre edges start damaging. There will be a slight slag and you may see extra wear out on the tyre edges. So, ensure that your tyres are perfectly inflated to run smoothly on the roads.