Hot Water System Options

Natural gas – can be used in storage boilers and instantaneous water heaters. Natural gas systems are rated for their energy efficiency and are available in internal and external versions.

Gas storage heaters have a lower capacity than electric-only ones, as they can heat water any time of the day or night, compared to a certain period of time. You can contact professionals for hot water system installation services.

Off-peak electricity – has the same operating costs as natural gas systems, but is only available if the water system has a storage capacity of more than 170 liters. The water is usually heated at night for use throughout the day. It cannot be used by pass-through systems and is available for indoor and outdoor systems.

Solar energy – can provide up to seventy percent of your hot water for free, making it a very environmentally friendly choice. They are the cheapest system but have a high initial purchase price. All solar hot water systems are powered by a "propulsion" energy source (such as gas or electricity) to provide water when there is little sunlight.

Peak Current – used for continuous electric units and storage boilers with a capacity of fewer than 170 liters. The operation can be expensive but is most popular in areas with limited space, i.e. in units and apartments. See the Electric hot water system for more information.

Propane-butane – used in areas where natural gas is not available. It is suitable for continuous flow and hot water storage.