Guide Regarding Managing Ship Maintenance

Boat maintenance plans vary depending on the size of your fleet. Whether you have one ship or 1,000, a strong preventive maintenance system is the best way to manage and protect your assets.

The ship maintenance management strategy maximizes uptime, ensures safety and reduces lifetime costs on the ship. To get more information about the best yacht repairs and maintenance visit

yacht repairs and maintenance

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To facilitate deployment and teamwork, many fleet managers and ship owners are turning to digital with their ship maintenance systems.

Here are some of the best solutions you can incorporate into your ship maintenance plan.

Protect your assets

Safety is the main concern for going in and out of the sea. It is also one of the biggest challenges for fleet managers and ship owners. To ensure compliance with the International Safety Management Code, ships must have a preventive maintenance system. This not only keeps you up to date, but also ensures the safety of your crew and assets.

Data tracking software allows you to take control of the ship maintenance process and ensure that your assets and crew are safe.

Schedule for routine preventive maintenance

However, some vessels have automatic re-gauges, and manually registering checks on paper or in spreadsheets can hamper the maintenance process. The PM (Preventive Maintenance Planning) software allows you to fix reminders for service based on meter readings and engine time intervals. 

These instructions ensure that your ship never goes out of service, maximizing its lifespan and worthiness.

Fleet maintenance software also allows you to predict when ship maintenance should be performed based on usage.