Collecting For Charity – Is Cash Always King?

If you are collecting for charity door to door or outside a shopping centre or supermarket, is cash always the best thing to receive? Well for the most part, Yes. But that is not the complete story. If you want to get information on an emergency pet fund, then you can click here.

Now of course cash is so versatile for there may be any number of things that you can buy or services that you can pay for, that will help your charity achieve its objectives.

But what if you can collect other things as well as cash? Now that really does open a whole new field of opportunity.

It may still be that most people will prefer the convenience of giving cash, whether a large or small amount. But others may wonder if the money will get to the right place and for the intended purpose. So what if there was a way of getting people to be more generous and actually "buy into" the ethos of the charity and what it is trying to achieve?

You could give those who are interested a small leaflet setting out the sorts of items that you accept and have a basket (or even a trolley!) ready to receive the items, when they have finished their shopping.

Pet lovers who may already have a dog or cat of their own may feel more inclined to put an extra tin in their shopping than give money. And it may be that the value of the goods will be more than they would put in in cash.