Checking Your Email Broadcast Service

Small businesses need email marketing to survive and save money on advertising. In general, email marketing should work quickly and easily. Basically, as long as you have a contact list that has been well maintained all you need to do is send out an email to let your customers know what you are selling, a new promotion, or a new product or service.

If you notice your sales are slowing down, but can't find a good reason for them to be doing so, then you should check your email broadcast service. You can also seek help from professional email marketing providers for small businesses.

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Oftentimes when an email broadcast service starts accepting more and more customers who spam their contact lists, instead of using them responsibly to contact people with permission, many ISPs will start to block emails from that particular streaming service.

So, the only option in this case is to change broadcast services. This is certainly a pain because it involves a lot of work and effort. Not to mention you have to ask your subscribers to change with you. Not everyone will but your loyal customers probably will. 

The most important thing is that your emails will actually make it to your customers' inboxes. This is what is most important and what you should focus on. The thing that you will want to check on is whether or not your emails are going through or not. In many cases, they aren't, and if you had good sales that have suddenly plummeted it may be because your emails aren't going through. So always check on this.