Build An Efficient Hydroponic System In Easy Steps

One of the criteria for choosing a homemade hydroponic system is to find a system that is simple and inexpensive. There is a myriad of hydroponic systems to choose from. The big question is: which one? Each hydroponic system as you may be aware has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many opt for a domestic "ebb and flow" hydroponic method which is simple, inexpensive, and suitable for the greatest plant types. To know about hydroponic nutrients you can visit

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Also called the "flood and drain" system, in this hydroponic system a pump with a timer is used to periodically water the plants at regular intervals with nutrient solution.

You can buy the equipment from any hydroponics nutrients online store or hydroponics garden supplies store. However, it is not mandatory. You can actually get all the devices required to build your hydroponic system locally and trust me they are quite inexpensive.

Mentioned below are some of the items that you need to source to build your own homemade flood and drain hydroponics system are:

Hydroponics grow lights for lighting the greenhouse.

A container should be strong enough to support the plant as well as the nutrient soaked media

A suitable hydroponic growing medium for your plants can be expanded clay pebbles, rock wool, and vermiculite, and coconut fiber.

Another container of suitable dimension which acts as a nutrient reservoir

A pump to flood your planting tray with nutrient solution from the reservoir

24 hr. timer which can turn on or off the pump at desired intervals

Tubes, wire mesh, and other accessories