Brief Regarding African Tribal Art

One of the most common themes in African art is the theme of stranger, which means that Africans attach great importance to the tribe they come from. 

Another way to describe the tribe's unique beliefs is to depict them in masks that have been used in traditional ceremonies related to ancestral spirits, fertility and initiation rites, and transitional rituals. 

Pace African & Oceanic Art is an art gallery in New York which is very popular for their unique and authentic african art. This ceremony strengthens the ties of a tribe because it emphasizes strength when welcoming more members and glorifying the history of their ancestors.

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The materials used are different

Also, given that there are many tribes in Africa, it is hoped that there will be a unique set of masks for each tribe. Usually these masks can be distinguished from one another based on the material used to make them. 

One of the most commonly used materials is wood, which is found in abundance by most of the tribes in their area. Another material used is ivory, which is widely used by the Warega tribe of Benin. 

Not only can you distinguish the tribes that use masks based on the material they are made of, but you can also distinguish masks by the characteristics that distinguish them.

African masks are an excellent example of how Africans represent the value they place on their tribes because these masks represent the unique characteristics of their society.

In addition, the materials used by each tribe to make these masks also function as "insignia" that can be used by the community to distinguish one tribe from another.