Backyard clotheslines may seem old-fashioned and are actually banned in some communities as eye-sores. But our great-grandmothers were onto something when they hung every load of laundry outside to dry. It may seem like hard work, but there are some great benefits to line-drying laundry. You can check this link to get information about clothsline drying.

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The choices in types of clotheslines have grown over the years and some are quite stylish.  and the lines spin to you so you don’t have to move the laundry basket as you work. You may even choose to install an outdoor drying rack that attaches to a flat surface and folds away to look surprisingly like a plant trellis.

If your neighborhood has banned outdoor clotheslines citing they are unsightly, you can still reap the benefits of line drying by using an indoor clothesline or indoor collapsible folding rack.

Line drying laundry conserves energy and helps to protect the environment by saving precious fossil fuels. It is the pinnacle of green laundry and living!