Benefits of Integrating Marketing Automation With CRM

CRM or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are in use for quite a while now. From the very beginning of electronic Rolodexes and databases in the 1980s and 90s to today's software as service giants CRM technology has consistently shown signs of transforming how the customer service and sales functions. Although a variety of CRM tools include marketing capabilities and capabilities but none of them provide most of the capabilities the modern marketer requires to help meet the goals of revenue and sales of their company.

There is no doubt that integrating CRM and automation is the key to the success of every firm, no matter the size. Here are five benefits that companies will gain from using CRM in conjunction with the best marketing automation system.

If they're working continuously with your CRM and marketing automation, they will help you confirm that the leads provided by your sales staff are heated up and ready for purchase. An effective marketing automation tool utilizes the CRM database to start it up with personalized, balanced communications with messages that are amplified and influenced by the data obtained through visitor and prospect tracking and intelligent segmentation.

Through integrating the CRM and marketing platform will allow you to track the results of your campaigns, from initial contact to final sale. You can gain insights into conversions through observing the number of potential customers who responded to your message.