All Aout Bob Punching Bag

Bob Punching bags would be ideal bags to find out self-love, train for boxing, or even exercise martial arts practices. All you have to prepare is provided in this one bag.

The BOB seems so realistic that this is exactly what makes it a much better practice punching bag than normal ones. You can buy punching bag via

Boxing Bags

It assists you in studying different grips, particular human body shots, or any kind of self-defense that you are interested in being proficient at.

The elevation on the BOB adjusts from 5'6 to 6'two so that you're in a position to match your sparring partner's dimensions to where you desire it. This also allows for optimum training with several competitions.

The BOB punching bags supplies a flexible springing backward that gives you an even more realistic workout.

The BOB's "skin" is made from plastisol and contains urethane inside. This makes your BOB more lifelike and fools you into thinking your target is human. While making for some excellent training, your BOB fits in with your schedule.

The BOB comes with a rounded and wide base made from polyethylene.

When filled with water or sand, this base weighs about 270 pounds. This helps the BOB to handle the heaviest strikes you can deliver while still remaining stable.