All About The Yeast Metabolites

A fermentation process produces yeast metabolites. They are biologically active compounds that support microbial growth as well as important biological systems within the body, such as immune status.

Supplementation with yeast cell wall extracts (YCW), has been shown to lower pathogenic bacteria, increase immunoglobulin, reduce inflammation, and alter the composition of the gut microbiota. You can also get more information about fungus metabolites in poultry by searching online.

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The study examined the growth and slaughter results, gut morphology, and immune status, as well as gut transcriptome, of 576 male chickens who were fed two diets. 

The jejunum of 12 chickens per diet was collected at 21 and 42 d. They were stained with hematoxylin/eosin to perform morphometric evaluations. The whole-transcriptome profiling of the jejunum from 42 days was also done. 

Testing Results

The final live weight of the animals was not affected by dietary YCW supplementation. However, it did decrease feed intake as well as improve feed conversion.

Four genes in the gut transcriptome were more expressed in broilers who were fed diet Y than those who were fed diet C. 41 genes were found to be significantly more prevalent among the genes that are up-regulated in broilers fed diet Y.


Supplementation with dietary YCW improved broiler growth performance, increased the secretion of gut glycoconjugates, and decreased inflammation. There were also differences in the gut transcriptome which could be useful in improving animal welfare and health in the harsh environment of intensive broiler chicken rearing.